Here’s a combo move that hits a lot of areas at once! 

Be sure to give it a try mixed into your conditioning or on its own and let us know what you think.

This week’s move is a great for all athletes, especially dancers. We’ll continue to work your hip hinge, challenge anti-lateral flexion of the core, & build shoulder stability all at the same time! Tag someone below you think needs or will enjoy this move!

Start with feet spread, slightly more turn out in the leg your going down towards. Start with empty hand or light weight in the air, opposite the leg you’re going towards.

Slowly, hip hinge back (knees very minimal to no bend), as your lower one hand down your shin. Keep top arm vertical, spine in neutral, & eyes track top hand. Go only as low as able, slowly returning to the start.

We use this in normal workouts or mixed in with a conditioning finisher, though very light weight is a nice warm-up move as well! Nice to mix in light weights for high reps 5-10# up to 20 reps, or getting heavier 20-25 lbs for lower reps (<10).

Move It Monday will feature a new exercise movement for you weekly, to help improve your safety and performance with dance.
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Scott DPT