SL RDL “Bad arabesque” 

Endless opportunities to advance this move for strengthening your hips, back, and balance.

The first level of this move is in parallel, with stance leg in neutral (or relaxed stance, not turned out). Then keeping hips forward, not turning out lift leg, bend at your hips into a “T” position.

Stance leg is not locked out as you would in dance, we have a slight bend in the knee to increase the work of the muscles. But this bend stays constant, don’t bend up and down as your move.

Big goal here is spine stays straight, so your head follows your body, without a lot of back extension. Hold at bottom for a second, then return to start.

Start with no weight, then slowly feel free to add a small weight. Don’t let your back twist and reach the weight towards your shin, not away from your body.

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Scott DPT