Challenge your balance even more with increased hip stability and core activation, all in one! 

Be sure to give it a try mixed into your conditioning or on its own and let us know what you think.

Dance requires more single leg balance than many other sports & because of this we need to train it in a variety of ways. Standing on a BOSU is not actually the best way (comment below if want to know why not). This move will challenge balance in single leg, adding hip stability, and increased core activation for a great combo! Share with someone you think needs or will enjoy this move!

Start perpendicular to a band or cable machine anchor. Stand on the leg closest to the anchor holding the handle with arms outstretched.

Activate the core with your ribs down & don’t let your hips twist or dip. Keeping hips still, rotate upper torso towards the anchor then pull in front or away from the anchor as far as you can control. If too much rotation away, likely need to up the resistance!

Great warm up move before rehearsals or mixed into your normal workout! Usually can work higher rep ranges here (12-20 reps). Can add holds at each end of the rep for further challenge.

Move It Monday will feature a new exercise movement for you weekly, to help improve your safety and performance with dance.
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Scott DPT