Sometimes it’s a simple workout, that you can do anywhere, that you can’t stop going back to! This simple workout is easy to do, and will really get your heart rate up.

Work It Wednesday will feature a new dance specific workout for you every week!

You only need one dumbbell for this workout! It’ll get your whole body working with some lateral jumping, core stability, & upper back strength. Easiest way to perform this is all 3 exercises back to back (10 reps per side for each), with 30-90 seconds rest at the end. Then repeat 3-6 rounds depending on time or if doing another quick circuit (like the one coming next week) afterwards.

Lateral Jump Lunges: A bit strange at first, but lean to one side as doing a lateral lunge, then power off that limb, pulling the other leg to the center. The bent knee is doing the majority of the work. Watch your knee alignment, knee follows your toes, & limit rounding of your lower back.

Hollow Russian Twist: Starts with a hollow hold (core braced with hips & lower back flat on the ground, shoulders/legs elevated). Start without a weight. While holding this position small rotations of your shoulders, not hips/legs. Add weight when 20 becomes too easy.

1 Arm Z Press: Back up straight, weight in one hand, press the weight up over head in line with your torso. Don’t lean back or let your ribs flare out. Shouldn’t feel any pinching in front of your shoulder.

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Scott DPT