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Dancers are some of the hardest working and most dedicated athletes out there. Many are dancing through pain without relief, being taught outdated methods of overstretching, still doing mostly crunches for their core, being told to “turn off” muscles, and not prioritizing injury prevention. With our “Total Fitness” approach to your care and progress, we strive to keep you performing and moving forward no matter where you start your journey with us. Dancers are our specialty and every product we offer is designed to meet your needs!


Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Services

DPT Fit and Dr. Scott specialize in empowering you to overcome any injury and alleviate pain, no matter how long you’ve been dealing with it or how many practitioners you’ve seen before. With our services, you will have direct access to a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the minute you set up your first appointment. We utilize phone, video, email, and text access 24/7 when working with us. Your body does not stop working to recover, so we don’t stop helping it.

Our rehabilitation services are customized to suit your schedule and needs. This is not your typical rehab where you spend an hour on a matt with theraband. With a strong knowledge of dance movements and common restrictions, we are better able to assess and understand your specific injury and help you stay in the studio.Instead of restricting you from dance, we modify to allow more participation with class/rehearsal with less discomfort to keep you dancing. Using unique exercises throughout your therapy, we are able to more quickly get you back into the extreme positions and ranges you need.

Virtual On Demand Sessions

With our On Call Virtual Sessions, you don’t have to wait to get on the fast track for recovery and can make appointments at any time! We are available during weekend competitions, after class, or even while you are on vacation. We are simply a call away!

With the use of our secure app, On Call Virtual Sessions allow us to video chat with you from anywhere. Virtual Sessions provide better availability and quicker access to your dance specialist as well as, lower your costs and eliminate travel time to/from appointments.

Artistic Athletes are some of the most committed athletes and no matter how careful you are, injuries still happen. The best way to keep injuries from flaring up and keep you dancing your best year round is addressing any pain or injuries, right when they happen!

In person sessions

Initial Evaluation -$154

These are your first appointments and include gathering relevant history,assessing mobility/strength/dance technique, to find the underlying root cause of the concern and developing a plan unique to you, your goals, your training, and your schedule.

Follow Up Treatments – $130

Once the assessments have been completed with your initial evaluation and the plan is set, these appointments are to keep you moving forward. Whether we need to review your exercises/drills, progress to new and more challenging movements, or hands on body work to keep you recovering, we won’t stop until you are at your best!

Packages are Available

Virtual sessions
  • Single 20 min Session – $35
  • Four 20 min Sessions – $133 (5% off)
  • Eight 20 min Sessions – $252 (10% off)

Packages are Available

In Person sessions
  • Five 55 Min Treatments – $625 ($125/session)(~5% off)
  • Ten 55 Min Treatments – $1,200 ($120/session) (~10% off)

Performance Enhancement Online

If you’re looking to elevate your craft, it’s time to step into a creative and challenging fitness program customized specifically for you, the hard working dancer! Our programs will consider your unique goals, past injuries, style of dance, access to equipment, familiarity with different modes of training, and danceschedule, to deliver accelerated performance improvements like you haven’t seen before. We adjust these programs to make sure they aren’t just what you need, but also ensure it’s something you actually enjoy doing. All of this is bundled and delivered weekly in our app with detailed descriptions, video demos, and guides. You can use this app to log everything and see the improvement for yourself!

Artistic Athlete Glute Tune Up

Proper warm-ups will lubricate your joints,activate your stabilizing muscles, improve blood circulation.


9 Glute Focused Warm-ups/Workouts (~15 minutes each)
3 Beginner/Low Complexity, 3 Intermediate/Moderate Complexity, and 3 Advanced/High Complexity
All delivered in our unique training app, with demo videos, descriptions, specifics on how many times to do each exercise, and so on.
PDF available for download if needed

When purchased today you get
2 Bonus Cross Training Workouts, with a glute emphasis, to be completed outside of your rehearsals/classes to
continue to improve your fitness and strength. 10% off any other program purchase from DPT Fit in the next 60 days Experience the difference 15 minutes can make for improving your readiness to dance.

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In Season AA Cross Training

12 Week Dance Specific Training Programs for Injury Prevention, Power Development, and Lasting Mobility.

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  • 12 weeks of programming designed 100% for high performing dancers
  • Exposure to both simple and complex new movements to improve your entire well being. Simple, not easy.
  • Improved connection to your body as a whole
  • Access more potential strength
  • Increase stamina
  • Stabilize supporting muscles and joints
  • Improved balance and safety

Studio Enrichment Programs

The role of the dance instructor has quickly taken on more and more responsibilities. You’ve gone from teaching dance and choreography, to helping with school and social pressures, to conditioning, to working to rehab your dancers when their healthcare team failed. We are here for you, your in house team to allow you to offer things only the top programs in the world offer and give your studio an edge over others.

All services provided to dance studios are customized to fit the needs of both the students and the instructors. Our goals focus on improved dance performance, better access to quality care/practitioners for dancers, and overall reduce pain and time off dance. We fit programs to your time and equipment available!


DPT Fit hosts numerous 1-2 hour active courses, geared either for the dancers or the instructors.These are typically independent sessions or can be organized as a series of events, all with a unique and specific topic.

Topics include Achieving Greater Hip Mobility, Stabilizing the Shoulder, Improving your Jumps – Height and Control, Finding your Balance, Activated your Deep Core, and so on.

Classes are both educational and active! They allow us to get to know your studio and dancers while introducing the great asset DPT Fit can be to your studio!

Workshops provide exposure for the studios, great education for the students and instructors, allow a fun change of pace, and build the foundation for further improvements.

Cross Training/Conditioning Programs

DPT Fit will customize programs to fit your studios time and equipment, include both virtual (via app) and in person training, with specific focus on the goals we decide together. Every 12 weeks we will retest the mutual goals to prove the improvement your dancers achieved!

While still working on the overall goal of improved performance and safety in dance, cross training programs offer alternative forms of exercise to limit overuse of the end ranges of motion with dance specific tasks. These programs can be implemented all season long, fluctuating intensities around shows/competitions. We will focus on improving strength, control, stamina, and resiliency not able to be realized with dance training alone.

Overuse injuries are the number one type of injury affecting dancers, both in youth and in their professional careers. But cross training is one of the best ways to continue athletic development without increasing risk to these types of injuries! Cross Training is so important for dancers that Harkness Center, International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS), Johns Hopkins Dance Medicine Team, Journal of Sports Medicine, Pointe Magazine, The Royal Ballet, NYC Ballet, and more either toting its benefits or instilling programs in their local areas!

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