New Workout to challenge your friend’s balance, build overhead strength, and leg endurance!

Work It Wednesday will feature a new dance specific workout for you every week!

We’ve tested every workout out on ourselves and at least one of our dance schools.

This weekly workout targets some single leg stability, core, shoulders, and leg stamina! We did 6 rounds of 45 seconds of ea exercise (or side in case of the balance) and 15 seconds of rest. You can increase rest if needed or shorten the rounds if low on time!

  • SL Ball Toss: Get on one leg and partner on opposite leg (leg closest to partner), then make sure to do a big loop overhead and toss.
    • Have some fun and make them work. As progress can add weighted balls or crazier tosses. Keep hips pointed forward, not at your partner. Switch legs next round.
  • Tall Kneeling Shoulder Press: Start kneeling on your heels with tension in the bad already. As your raise up on your knees, straight hips and core tight!
    • Pull the bad out at the top, ribs down still, to build that overhead shoulder strength.
  • Side to Side Lateral Lunges: Just like squats, focus on pushing those hips back and keeping your knees inline with your toes. Can turn out slightly for comfort.
    • Push with the hips and keep your spine straight/tall. Think of your hands going between your feet, not in front. You don’t need to touch the ground unless able with good form.

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Scott DPT