Fix It Friday will feature common injuries/difficulties in dancers with a few tips to improve or prevent them!

Phase 3 of our simple starter guide to help if you have mild or symptoms similar to Osgood Schlatter per client request!

Osgood Schlatter is a condition that can greatly benefit from skilled Physical Therapy, but if waiting for P.T. or just want something in addition, can try these out. Two phases posted priorly, now if those are feeling good, time to advance to these higher level hip/knee stability drills.

Eccentric Step Down: Start on a smaller box, with one leg hanging off, focusing on level pelvis (don’t let them dip down), slowly lower your heel towards the ground. Keep your foot flat & utilize your glutes initiating the movement with hip hinge. 10-20 reps

Static Lunge w/ Slams: Take a big step, front foot flat & rear foot on your toes. Lower yourself as low as able, hold position, & slam a ball from side to side (can add med ball as able). Keep core tight. 10-20 bounces/side

Standing Clamshell: Check back to prior Move It Monday for this spotlight, but you can increase knee bend as able. Keep stance leg stable & limit movement to the active leg. Core tight & limit arch in lower back or hip rotating. 10-20/leg

Every exercise should feel hard, but not impossible. Start with higher reps, then as able, increase resistance as get into the lower rep range.

Repeat this circuit 3 times 3-4 times a week in combination with phase 1/2. Can decrease to 2-3 times per week when feeling better then just mix these exercises into normal routine as comfortable. If pain is already very high, unlikely a few new exercises will help, you likely need a more specialized program.

This is not medical advice. This is general exercises performed for this condition. Please seek professional advice for injuries or pain persisting over time. If general exercise gives you pain, you likely need more specific and direct attention. Take care of your body.

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Scott DPT