Give this move a try to strength your glutes/shoulders!

Be sure to give it a try mixed into your conditioning or on its own and let us know what you think.

I hope by now you’ve accepted that having a stronger upper body not only protects your shoulders, improves jump power, assists with turns, and allows better lines, but also just makes for a more well rounded dancer! This one combines your shoulder, core, and hips! You can customize this exercise to your level as well, either by not lifting arms as high, lifting less weight, or even sitting on your heels.

  • Start this move in a tall kneeling position, core tight and hips in neutral. Without letting your hips rotate lift a weight from one side of your body, up and over (as high as comfortable and without having to use your lower back) to the other side.
  • Increase the weight as you are able. Give it a try & let us know what you think below. Repeat for 10 reps per side, 2-3 sets after a warm-up. 

Move It Monday will feature a new movement for you, for all fitness levels, to help improve your dance performance and safety.

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Scott DPT