Try out this simple but effective workout to keep your summer conditioning on track!

Work It Wednesday will feature a new workout for you every week, especially beneficial for our dancers!

This workout is modified from one of our summer intensive sessions with BSDA! It’ll get your core, hips, shoulders, and heart rate all going. Try 40 secs of work with 20 seconds of rest, 4-5 rounds for 16-20 minutes.

Hip Hinge w/ Overhead Reach: Hold a light weight, 2.5-10 lbs, as you hip hinge into a stiff leg deadlift. Then, keeping back in neutral, reach the weight up overhead, preventing shoulders from rounding forward. If any shoulder pain, try limiting how high you reach.

Plank Jacks: In a good plank position, use your feet to jump legs apart, then back together. Watch your knee position & if it becomes too hard, just hold a plank for the work interval.

Standing SL Clam: Former Move It Monday coming back. Focus on level & forward hips as your reach one leg out & back. If feeling in front of your hip, likely not reaching back enough. Can use a pretty tight band here. Do all on one leg, then switch legs on next work interval.

Work It Wednesday will feature a new workout for you weekly to try! Tested with our dancers & by us!

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Scott DPT