New workout to challenge your whole body in a tough new style while at the gym!

Work It Wednesday will feature a new dance specific workout for you every week!

Taking some time off this summer & visiting the gym? Here’s a great <30 min workout to get everything working! We did it EMOM style, “every minute, on the minute”. You set a timer to buzz every minute. This buzz is when you start the next exercise. So try to finish your reps quick to get more recovery prior to starting the next. We did 6 rounds of 4 exercises, reps 150 m, 6 reps/side, 8 reps/side, 10 reps/side, for 24 min workout plus short warm-up & cool down.

Rower: Great conditioning, focus on not rounding or over arching the back. Adjust the distance as needed. We did 150 m row.

Kettlebell or Dumbbell Windmill: Should feel the side or obliques, shoulder, & hamstring you’re leaning towards. While watching the weight helps keep your weight centered. Knees can bend slightly if needed. Pick a weight that makes 6 reps medium to hard.

Hollow Rock 1 Arm Press: Lighter weight focuses more on the core. You’re goal is to keep spine straight not rounding but core tight to limit over extending as well. When rocking forward & back, try to limit how much you swing, it’s a controlled movement. 8 reps should be tough with slow controlled movements if you have the weight right.

Side to Side Lateral Squats: Look back at squat form, hips go back, spine straight, knees follow toes. Slow down the movement until comfortable and feeling more in hips than knee. Build up in weight to make 10 reps fairly hard.

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Scott DPT