Unlock your glute’s potential and better your warm-ups with one program!

How many times have you heard “tighten your glutes” or “squeeze your bum” while dancing? We all know how important the largest muscle in the human body is (yes, it’s your glutes!), but it’s not always easy to feel them working. The glutes are major factors in your balance/stability, jump power, hip mobility, and lower body injury risk! Don’t neglect them any longer.

Let us introduce you to DPT Fit’s Artistic Athlete (AA for short), Glute Tune-up program. These routines are specifically made for those of you in the fields of dance, from hip-hop and contemporary, to ballet and broadway!

    This program is geared to our most requested body part, the glutes (aka. butt muscles)! We know you demand a lot from your glutes and need them engaged at all points of your performance, yet many dancers tell us they have trouble feeling their glutes working. So let us help you connect with your glutes, feel them engaging, and develop their strength and endurance to support your dance performance!

    We designed this program to have multiple options for completion. We give you a simple option to take these exercises and implement them into your warm-up routines to prime them for action. We also have parameters to increase the challenge and intensity for awesome after dance workouts!

    What’s Included?
    • For only $19.97 you’ll get 9 Glute Focused Warm-ups/Workouts (around 15 minutes each)  you can mix and match to fit your needs each day
    • 3 Beginner/Low Complexity, 3 Intermediate/Moderate Complexity, and 3 Advanced/High Complexity
      • Add these into the start of your day, between long breaks, or use them to supplement your other fitness programs to get your glutes up to par.
      • All delivered in our unique training app, with demo videos, descriptions, specifics on how many times to do each exercise, and so on.
      • PDF available for download if needed


    • 2 Bonus Cross Training Workouts, still with a glute emphasis, to be completed outside of your rehearsals/classes to continue to improve your fitness and strength.
    • 10% off any other program purchase from DPT Fit in the next 60 days
      • Includes our Better Jumps, Artistic Athlete Summer Tune-up, and more

    Experience the difference 15 minutes can make for improving your glute strength and readiness to dance!

    About the Creater

    Dr. Scott Ruth, PT, DPT, CPT has been specializing in athletic performance since 2009 when he worked as a personal trainer at Florida State University. He recieved his doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2014 from the University of South Florida. He then specialized in athletic rehab with Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

    In early 2016 he began to develop a passion for dancer health and performance. It started with helping is then girlfriend, now fiance, Nicole Padilla recover from chronic achilles issues. This lead to helping other dancers, and eventually to creating his company, DPTFit, specifically geared towards dancers. As he has helped numerous dancers recovery from pains and injuries he noticed many of these could be prevented with a more well rounded program. This lead to him beginning to implement cross training and conditioning services in addition to rehabilitation.

    He now routinely uses the term “Artistic Athlete” and believes whole heartedly in treating all dancers like the athletes they are. This means more variety to your programs, to allow for less pain, injury prevention, and, of course, better performance. He has designed this short program with that very mission in mind. To expose dancers to what many other athletes are already doing. Finding unique ways to challenge there bodies that lead to better performance without overusing the same muscles and movements they do all day at their practice.