This combo exercise is a tough challenge for the rear end but also great to reintroduce inner thigh work into your program as well! 

Be sure to give it a try mixed into your conditioning or on its own and let us know what you think.

Today we’re looking at a move that combines hip stability in extension as well as some eccentric adductor strength. Tag someone below you think needs or will enjoy this move!

Start by laying on your back & performing a bridge as normal. Holding the top position lift one leg up in the air. Without letting your hips drop or rotate toward the lifted leg, slowly reach leg towards the ground.

You’ll be surprised how hard it is to keep hips all the way up, so don’t worry about how low the other leg gets at first.

You can mix this move into any circuit/workout, or do on its own for some increased hip work. Typically we work higher reps (10-20 per side) and in rehab have loaded it with ankle weights on the moving leg while lowering the reps!

Move It Monday will feature a new exercise movement for you weekly, for all fitness levels, to help improve your safety and performance, especially with dance.

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Scott DPT