All you need is a band (well & maybe a kettlebell) to do this week’s workout, demonstrated by Ryoko Sadoshima & Bette Sykes of the Sarasota Ballet.

Work It Wednesday will feature a new dance specific workout for you every week!

Here’s a simple but effective workout we designed for Bette & Ryoko. Just grab a theraband & if feeling good, a kettlebell for the bonus exercise. Set your HIIT timer set for 30 secs work/15 seconds rest. 4-5 rounds through for technically 7-8 exercises.

SL RDL Band Row: Continue to work hip stability with added time under tension as well as bonus upper body work. Slowly bend forward keeping hip from rotating & allowing bend in stance leg. At bottom, hold position to pull band up, squeezing shoulder blade back/down. If too easy grab lower on the band. 30 secs for each side.

Side Plank w/ Leg Reach: Side plank holding your hips away from the ground. Without letting shoulders rotate, lift top leg up & reach forward then behind you. Hips can rotate slightly, but don’t let them dip towards the ground. Again, 30 secs for each side.

Lateral Lunges: Activate the full hip with a wide step to the side, parallel or slightly turned out. As lean towards leading leg be sure to push your hips back, knees track your toes, & go as low as comfortable. Pull your body up to your lead leg & repeat. 30 secs for each direction.

Bear Crawl: Core + Shoulders! Flat back, good scapular position, on toes, with knees just above the ground. Slowly walk forward not letting your spine overextend or rotate side to side. Focus on pulling ribs & pelvis towards each other for increased core activation. Only 30 secs for this.

KB Swing Bonus: If you have a kettlebell, comfortable with your hip hinge, & have tried this exercise before, feel free to add it like we did. Spine shouldn’t be bending here, hips do the work. It’s a forward/backward movement, not up/down. Start light but build up as able. Only 30 secs for this as well.

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Scott DPT