Trying to keep it a bit more simple this week for those with limited gyms! Don’t worry, this will still kick some butt.

Work It Wednesday will feature a new dance specific workout for you every week!

This is a tough one for your summer conditioning! Grab a pair of light dumbbells (start with 5-10lb ea, up it if feels light after a round) & get a HIIT timer set for 45 secs work/15 seconds rest. We started heavier & had to lower our weights twice during our 5 rounds!

Plank Shoulder Taps: You’re building shoulder stability while really focusing on activating your abdominal brace (ribs towards hips) & limiting rotation/sway of your hips. Slow pace at first & speed up ea round if have the energy.

Bent Over Alt Rows w/ Hold: Allow some relaxed bend to your knees, bend over at the hip, don’t hyperextend back though keep it straight throughout. My dancers tend to let their shoulders come up towards their ears on this, so really focus on pulling shoulder blades back/down each rep.

Overhead Reverse Lunges: Hold one weight overhead, prevent ribs from flaring up with good ab brace. Slowly step back, keep knees in line with toes (slight turn out ok), then lower as deep as comfortable. Return to start/repeat.

Sumo Deadlift: Hold of the weights by the end, comfortable turnout (not full 2nd), spine stays in neutral, as allow knees to have mild bend, & lower weight towards your heels. Movement from hip not spine, so don’t need to touch the ground.

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Scott DPT