This is a great quick workout you can do with a simple set of dumbbells or kettlebells and pairs perfectly with last weeks workout as well!

Work It Wednesday will feature a new dance specific workout for you every week!

Grab a dumbbell or Kettlebell & give this circuit a try! It’ll get your whole body working with some leg, core, & work. Easiest way to perform this is all 3 exercises back to back (10 reps per side for each), with 30-90 seconds rest at the end. Then repeat 3-6 rounds depending on time or if doing another quick circuit (like the one we posted last week) afterwards.

Goblet Squat: Hold a dumbbell upright or kettlebell between both hands at your chest. Push your hips back & keep knees tracking your toes as you sit back. Go as low as comfortable & repeat. Our dancers will likely feel this in their shoulders as well.

Renegade Row: In a plank position, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Spread your feet to increase ease of keeping hips from rotating or swaying side to side. Slowly pull one weight up towards your ribs, don’t worry about height. Slowly lower & repeat on the other side.

SL Bridge w/ Pullover: Hold a light weight in both hands vertical towards ceiling as hold the top of a single leg bridge. Keeping hips/core engaged, slowly lower weight towards ground, then return to top. Repeat all on one side, then complete the other.

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Scott DPT