Lock down a cable station or grab your resistance bands for this full body workout you can do at gym or home!

Work It Wednesday will feature a new workout for you every week, especially beneficial for our dancers!

This workout was done on a cable machine but any cable move can be done with resistance bands as well. This workout hits your whole body! Easiest way to perform this is all 3 exercises back to back (10 reps per side for each or as we did, ladder down 12, 10, 8, 6 reps increasing weight ea, except on Ys, those are hard!), with 30-90 seconds rest at the end. Then repeat 4 rounds.

SL RDL to Row: Standing on one leg, grasp handle with other arm, start far from anchor. As SL RDL (back straight), allow other arm to stretch overhead. Pause, then return to start rowing toward stomach & small knee drive up.

Pallof Press: Got to really focus on your ab brace (ribs towards pelvis) here, keeping it tight. Hold handle with both hands & slowly reach away from stomach. Band with want to twist you, try focusing on core, not shoulders, to limit any trunk/hip rotation.

Y’s: Stand at 45 degree angle to anchor. Allowing shoulder blade to rotate upwards though not raise toward your ear, pull up & back into a “Y” position. Want to feel between shoulder blades, not all on your upper trap.

Pull Through: Looks funny but will get your butt in gear, literally. Holding handles or rope between legs, keep spine neutral, & focus on movement from hips (allow knees to bend naturally). Think reaching behind you & hips pushing backward, then drive hips forward, squeezing your cheeks.

Work It Wednesday will feature a new workout for you weekly to try! Tested with our dancers & by us!

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Scott DPT