Take this circuit anywhere as it’s body weight only, or you can add light weights to increase the difficulty!

Work It Wednesday will feature a new workout for you every week, especially beneficial for our dancers!

A little peak at one of our summer intensive conditioning workouts at BSDA in Tampa & Brandon Florida. These girls were tough but we definitely tired them out before filming. They hold a light 5 lb weight for the RDLs but its a challenge with just body weight as well. We did 30 secs of work with 15 seconds of rest, 5 rounds.

Side Plank Leg Lift: Fry those hips, but focus on shoulders one atop the other, same for hips, no rotating. Keep hips high and don’t lift leg too high.

Wide Squat Jumps: Focus on knee control & using your hip hinge. Knees don’t tilt inward & butt goes back before each jump

Alt V-Up Taps: Start in hollow hold with lower back flat on the ground (refer to Fix It Friday Ab Brace) & alternate reaching up to tap opposite leg, then lower. Again focus on the core, not how high you get.

3 Point SL RDL: When doing your RDLs reach first to the outside of your leg, then toward toes, then toward inside to allow some hip rotation & increased challenge.

Work It Wednesday will feature a new workout for you weekly to try! Tested with our dancers & by us!

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Scott DPT