Grab a band and give this tough full body workout a try!

Work It Wednesday will feature a new workout for you every week, especially beneficial for our dancers!

Another peek at a circuit we’ve used in summer conditioning, with some talented ladies of BSDA doing the work here. Set timer for 40 secs of work and 20 secs of rest, 4-5 rounds for full body session.

Pike with Knee Drive/Hand Tap: Start in a plank, then pike hips up with straight spine, reaching one arm to opposite leg. Then back to plank & drive that knee to the hand that just tapped it. Repeat alternating sides.

SL Jumps: Featured previously, this exercise helps build single leg power. One foot stays on the step, pushing from it and driving other knee up. Repeat full time on one leg, then go to the other leg during the next interval.

Body Saw: Can be done simply in a plank rocking back & forth, or with socks/towel on tile, or with slider as shown. Keep core braced and don’t let lower back dip down as slowly push feet away from hands.

SL Band Rotation: We did it with partners though you can do it with a band anchored to anything as well. On one leg try to pull the band away from the anchor (rotating shoulders) then return to start. Hold start position as partner rotates away.

Work It Wednesday will feature a new workout for you weekly to try! Tested with our dancers & by us!

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Scott DPT