New advanced workout to challenge your whole body and build power!

Work It Wednesday will feature a new dance specific workout for you every week!

A workout for those who’ve wanted a harder, advanced movement workout. Modifications Listed if needed. Try to do it as a circuit with as little rest as needed, repeating 3-5 times depending on time. Or less and combine with a prior workout.

Barbell Push Press: Explosiveness from hips through upper body. Keep spine in neutral as bend down to explode & drive hips ups, pushing weight up. Alternate – two dumbbells with palms facing your head (neutral) or jump squats with weights held at shoulders. 6-10 reps

1-Arm Power Row: Keep power while maintaining core posture. If using a suspension trainer, the more upright you are the easier. Slowly lower yourself down, then keep hips/core tight as pull yourself up, can use other arm for momentum. Scapula back/down! Alternate standing band row with rotation (band at elbow level) or barbell inverted row. 6-10 reps/side.

Plank Hip Dips: Don’t let lower back arch, keep core working as slowly pivot in upper back and feet. Only go as low as comfortable. 10-15 reps/side

Alternating KB Swing: As vid states, all about using hips and stabilizing back. Can do double arm or just wide deadlifts if haven’t mastered swings yet. Keep neck in line with rest of spine, allow knees to bend slightly, but think forward/backward, not up/down. 10-15 reps/side

3 min cardio (Nicole tried running) but can jump rope, stair climber, battle ropes, cycle, etc. Or skip it and get back on the circuit!

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Scott DPT