Original creator of the best pet friendly workout, chasing your dog when she steals the toilet paper; discounts for buying in bulk! With your purchase of 6 months of the program you will receive two weeks free time with Misty, the dog who helped design the program, which includes her canny ability to eat all the chocolate in your house without getting sick, a sure fire way to cut those extra calories! Well, ok, I won’t actually let you borrow Misty but feel free to teach your dog to steal your toilet paper and if you then train them to stop doing so, be sure to let me know how. (Poor Layla was framed in below picture)

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Well, as the title says, my name is Scott. I’m currently working as a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) in outpatient sports rehab with a focus in pediatric and sports orthopedics. Also, I’m a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer since 2009 and continue to work with clients online and in person mostly in my formidable home gym. Since 2016 I’ve been working with professional and pre-professional ballet and general dancers in recovery and injury prevention roles, including rehab, one on one training, and group conditioning. Some are recovering from injuries and surgeries, while many just wish to prevent them, and others with specific performance goals.

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My interest in health and wellness all started back in high school. A buddy of mine, Mihail, talked me into going to the local YMCA one day and I was introduced to the most proven workout routine for high school males, Chest and Bi’s! I think abs were in there too, but come on, after 30 minutes of preacher curls, 21’s, and “Hercules curls”, I’m about ready to go eat a whole rotisserie chicken and don’t have time for the fancy ab workout Men’s Health taught us that week (cable crunches with a twist on a medicine ball anyone?). Fast forward to college where I received my bachelors in Exercise Science and started working as a personal trainer at the Leach Center of Florida State University. I started reading published articles, following other well written fitness blogs/sources, and training anyone from weekend warriors to club athletes to people who’d never worked out in their life. I’ve been able to see what arises from a well-rounded program, people achieving things they never thought possible, as well as seeing results in myself from triathlons, road races, and new personal bests in weightlifting. You may not find the one secret exercise to perfect health, unbeatable strength, and 3% body fat here (insert another witty plug for fictitious vanilla bean diet), but you’re welcome to join and learn with me as I explore and share fun new workout routines, latest information in prevention of musculoskeletal injuries,and the latest Face Trainer trends. (Seriously, go google face trainer, it’s real and only $199.99.)