Join now to learn how 4 minutes a month, eating nothing but vanilla beans can help you achieve the best you possible! Haha, or instead, maybe you’re interested in supplementing your current workout routine, finding fun new workouts, preventing injuries with proven prehab exercises, and finding a new community to where personal growth is more important than selling new products.

If you’re a dancer, possibly you’ve heard of the benefits of including new forms of conditioning and cross training to improve resiliency/injury prevention, control through turns and jumps, improved coordination, and stamina. The DPTFit Dance section is for you!

Well without further delay, here at DPTFit we’ll be sharing our journey of keeping fitness exciting and beneficial with  dependable, practical, and total fitness (D.P.T.Fit) workouts, pointers, and research as well as our personal studies into the sport rehabilitation and dance performance world. Sometimes we may stray with deep burger, onion rings, and fried pickle nights, which we may brag about, there will also be plenty of details on new programs we try, design, or modify. Also included are fun new challenge workouts, stories from our clients, and general fitness tidings we pick up along the way. We hope this community serves as a place to share and learn together, helps you find new ways to achieve your goals, and enjoy many new adventures without injuries.

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