The year was 2016. There was a woman, a first soloist at the Sarasota Ballet company. She met a man, a doctor of physical therapy specializing in sports medicine. She was caught deep in the clutches of bilateral achilles tendinopathy. The man knew, to win her heart, he must cure her! So the scheme began! Alright, that was getting even too dramatic for us to handle. There wasn’t a scheme and Scott didn’t begin addressing  her heel pain at all until a few months after they began dating. But this was the start of what is now DPTFit Dance – a program, no a philosophy, maybe even doctrine, for improving dancer’s overall well-being. Dancers have to take the body beyond adequate and achieve elaborate positions and combinations. This program and our purpose, is to help develop the intricate dimensions dancers may not get in class, rehearsals, pilates, and yoga. Too often, instructors and trainers focus on the very same movements you already work regularly at the bar. It’s time we treat dancers like the athletes they are and address the areas needed to achieve more. (Oh, and we can resoundingly say, the heel pain is gone by the way, 😉 )


DPTFit for Dance has many elements beyond our dance class strength and conditioning programs (read on below), including tried monthly  rehabilitation/prehab guides with clients, one on one training in season or to help keep fit during the off season, challenging workouts, private lessons, individualized physical therapy, and new exercises.


We’ll get back to the other elements but what has been the main focus as of late is our strength and conditioning programs. January 2018 was when it first took shape. Nicole was already doing privates and rehearsals but found many of the students felt they had multiple areas of weakness (whether it was jump height, stability in turns, or difficulty holding extension). With the combined experience of Scott and Nicole, countless and ongoing research and study into dance injuries, education, athletic demands, they began a weekly one hour conditioning class. This developed and progressed over time. Leading to the six pillars listed below and the design of fully scalable programs for individuals or schools to address each of these pillars and improve the wellness, resilience, and fitness of each dancer.

Without going into too much detail of the pillars, here is the fundamentals of DPTFit Dance.

  • Improved core activation without endless crunches or static planks
  • Proper utilize the hips/glutes for leg position and back health
  • Single Limb Proprioception/Stability for turns, landing, balance, and ankle safety
  • Leg motor control for power and jumps
  • Spinal control for better posture, flexibility, and extension
  • Upper body integration for upper back and head posture, shoulder endurance/health, and utilization in movement

Our innovate programs for schools and dancers has been a rewarding venture, but there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as meeting all of you. We’ve met some many passionate and hard-working dancers and hope we can continue to learn from you, while also increasing your success and enjoyment from your art!

If you’d like to learn more about the programs and training we offer, please feel free to contact us or find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.