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One on One Services

Looking to improve your splits, extension, jumps, stamina, or reduce your pain? We will design and customize programs specifically for your goals!

Dance Studio Programs

Set your studio apart and offer more services to your dancers with conditioning, mobility, and rehab workshops/sessions.

Dance Specialists

Dance is a highly skilled and technical activity and requires people who understand the demands, mobility needs, stamina requirements, and class structure to help you see improvements year round. No more “just stop dancing” or “it’ll always hurt” from us!

Cross Training

Anyone can give you a hard workout, but what you need is intelligent training that avoids overuse (#1 type of injury in dance) while targeting the underlying needs of dancers. All of our programming will show improvements in the things you care most about: jumps, hip mobility, balance, & decreasing risk of future injuries.


High performing athletes still end up with tweeks, twists, & other injuries. Dr. Scott is there for you, whether it’s to make sure you can get through your weekend competition or help you recover from that “bad back” you haven’t seen improvements with before. We are here to keep you dancing, without pain or limitations, and extend your dancing career with highly skilled physical therapy, 24/7.

How DPT Fit Started?

A boy met a girl… well, actually it basically did start with that. Scott was a Doctor of Physical Therapy working in sports rehab with Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital when he began dating Nicole Padilla, at the time, a First Soloist at Sarasota Ballet Company.

She was recovering from a few injuries, mainly Achilles & herniated disks in her back. Eventually Scott began to aid in her recovery, finally resolving pain that had persisted for years. Then he introduced her to cross training  This lead to great gains in her fitness and stamina; and eventually lead to other dancers from Sarasota Ballet working with us.

Nicole and Scott realized the dance world was quickly advancing in difficulty and requirements of dance, but not keeping up with other sports in the well roundedness of their care. They began seeking out progressive studios, looking to provide all the support for their dancers they could, and starting both rehab and conditioning programs.

DPT Fit was formed out of the need for more advanced care for advanced athletes.

How Is DPT Fit Unique?

Start working with people who understand dance, the complex needs of a dancer, and who can be available when you need them. We’ve spent years working with dancers and studios, from ballet to contemporary, hip-hop to acro! We treat you like the Artistic Athletes you are, bridging the gaps between injury recovery/rehabilitation, cross training/conditioning, and performance improvements/technique work.

When you work with DPT Fit, you get full access to our Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Scott via in person and online sessions, in app programs, and studio based classes. Combine that with Ms Nicole’s years of professional dance and dance education and you have a team that’s hard to beat at your side. The only thing better is a studio that supports you and is already provided high quality instruction!

Come see the difference for yourself!

DPT Fit’s Care Process

We have a unique “Total Fitness” approach to your care and progress, it’s in our name afterall! We strive to keep you performing and moving forward no matter where you start your journey with us. See the different steps to the right.

Dancers are some of the hardest working and most dedicated athletes out there. Many are dancing through pain without complaints, being taught outdated methods of overstretching, still doing mostly crunches for their core, being told to “turn off” muscles, & not prioritizing injury prevention.

We want to change that! Companies across the world are finally starting to include strengthening and rehab within their programs, most notably, The Australian Ballet, The Royal Ballet, & American Ballet Theater. We can bring this level of care to you and your companies. Once you do, you won’t want to do it any other way!

1. Rehab & Recovery

Most clients start here. No matter how many practitioners you’ve seen before, we specialize in rehabbing what others could not.

Physical Therapists are typically the best providers to see when you have pain associated with movement, muscles, joints, etc. If this sounds like you, you should start your care with us. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, you do not need to see anyone else before our appointment either, decreasing your number of visits and referrals needed.

We will provide specific guidance on how to modify your current participation in class/rehearsal, movements to avoid and which to prioritize, hands on joint mobilizations, therapeutic massage, taping, and exercise prescription to fit your needs. You will get access to all our materials via our apps so forget toting around stacks of paper. Our goal is to keep you doing as much as possible & prevent future injuries.

2. Cross Training

Cross Training – the practice of engaging in multiple types of exercise in order to improve fitness/performance in one’s main sport.

Professional swimmers spend about 1 hour on dry land for every 4 hours in the water. This isn’t uncommon for professional sports like Basketball, Soccer, etc. either. Why? Because doing the same complex movements over and over leads to overuse injury and limits improvement. You need to be able to break down the complex tasks into their simpler components to master those.

We work with schools, locally and throughout the nation, in adding cross training programs for performance/injury prevention into your in studio and at home routines. We also work with individual dancers, designing individual programs to meet their current goals & time frame.

3. Performance & Skill Acquisition

Have you achieved a full split but can’t achieve it during jumps? Do you have difficulty maintaining balance or leg height with developes? Do you have trouble with your turn out in pirouettes? Do you want higher jumps?

These are things we work on regularly. Whether you’re an instructor, student, or professional, we will teach you new & creative ways to achieve your goals.

Throughout your dance career you will constantly be challenged to learn and progress in what your body is capable of, including splits, pointe, fouettés, petit allegro, and much more. While learning mastering these skills you may find numerous times your progress stalls. We are here to quickly get to the bottom of what is limiting to ensure you don’t waste time or energy. We can assess which muscles or joints may really be the problem, whether they need a bit more strength and stability, improved mobility, or if you simply to adjust your positioning.

4. Education

Besides learning, teaching is our next greatest passion. We want to help teach you, the dancer, the things that will prolong your time dancing without pain; teaching you the many options you have to keep the body that makes you happy and the activities outside of dance that can facilitate dancing.

We also want to encourage advancement in how dance schools/studios are able to provide care for their students. We want to show you the options beyond crunches & ankle weights to strengthen your dancers. We want to give you access to excellent healthcare, better conditioning programs, and advanced workshops to set your studio apart and continue cultivating the best dancers you can!

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